Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting started - Welcome to Flashy Glove Save

So you've stumbled upon my blog, huh? I guess I should introduce myself then.

My name is Kathryn: senior in college, current baseball intern, amateur photographer, rabid hockey fan. My team is the Washington Capitals. This includes their little brothers, the Hershey Bears and the South Carolina Stingrays. I became a hockey fan in high school when I had friends on the team. My first Capitals game was in March of 2007 (Semin got a hat trick). While this makes me a newer fan, I'm not just a casual fan. I think a glimpse into any aspect of my life would tell you that.

So what will you find here? Well, most likely my thoughts, opinions, rants, ravings, finds, etc involving hockey players. I won't lie, it will be mostly Caps-centric here but you'll also find posts about other teams and players, NHL or not. As I mentioned above, I love taking pictures (whether they're good or not) so I will probably be posting links to my photos here from time to time.

As my blog name may suggest, I'm a goalie fan. Or an admirer, if you will. Olie Kolzig was my first hockey love. You never forget your first love, right? ;) I've never been a goalie (well, I was in bantam soccer...) and I won't pretend to be incredibly knowledgeable about the position, but you will find a lot of goalie love here.

If you enjoy my blog, that makes me ridiculously happy. And if you have any suggestions for posts or what to hear about a player or something, let me know. I'm very open to ideas. Stick around, okay? It's going to be a fun ride.



  1. I am a NB19 girl but love my goalies both Caps and Bears! Look forward to your future posts. @WashCapsRock)

  2. Great Job! Looking forward to more :)