Friday, September 10, 2010

Hockey Diaries: The Almost Season XM Premiere

Mike Knuble at the XM Studios Premiere of Hockey Diaries

Thanks to some excellent timing and my ability to retain pointless hockey trivia, I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Media Chameleon’s “Hockey Diaries: The Almost Season” at the XM Studios in
Washington, D.C. I happened to be hanging on Twitter at the exact moment that the Capitals gave away tickets to the first five people who could name Karl Alzner’s dog (Murphy, for the win!). So tonight, I found myself making the trek to XM Studios in D.C.

Mike Knuble listening to the other panelists

This year's Hockey Diaries featured the voices and thoughts of Mike Knuble and Tyler Sloan. If you didn’t listen when it aired, you definitely missed it and should check it out soon. I mean, who knew Tyler Sloan had so many feelings? Hockey Diaries gives an unparalleled look into the minds of hockey players. They open up and you don’t hear just the standard responses that they recite to the locker room media. The contrast between the emotions of a veteran and rookie going through the exact same season is so intriguing. Both Knuble and Sloan mentioned that they found it therapeutic at times to have a way of venting their frustrations. Their feelings are so genuine and resonate with all the fans who are trying to understand what their heroes are thinking.

Panel: Gemma Hooley, Chris Nelson, Mike Knuble, and Nate Ewell

The panel Q&A was incredibly insightful. Not only from Tyler Sloan and Mike Knuble, but added input from producers Gemma Hooley and Chris Nelson truly enhanced the behind the scenes information about the documentary. It was a lot of fun being in a crowd of Caps fans while you listened. Together we all laughed at the players’ antics and mourned over the sudden end to our season.

I’ve got to say…one thing that I really learned from hearing the show tonight: it still hurts. Even after all the months, it still really pained me to hear the raw emotions after being eliminated from Montreal. At one point, I wanted so bad to get up and turn it off because I didn’t want to hurt about it anymore. But, as my wise friend, Caitlin, quoted from “Lion King”: “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.” And the first step to recovery is rookie camp. Thank goodness it starts Sunday!

Media Chameleon producers Gemma Hooley and Chris Nelson

I have to give many thanks to the Washington Capitals staff for giving me tickets to the premiere. And an even bigger thanks belongs to Media Chameleon for continuing to give us such a great look at our favorite players. Their coverage just can’t be beat. Now I have to say, Matt Bradley and John Carlson would make an excellent third installment of Hockey Diaries!

If you missed Hockey Diaries, it will be available on the Media Chameleon site after September 13. In case you’ve been living under a rock and never heard the Hockey Diaries with Brooks Laich and Karl Alzner, it is currently available on the website.

All photos are my own work. You can see more at my Flickr.


  1. Great pics! You should've said hi... or I should've... or something.

  2. Thanks JP! I didn't know if you would know who I was. haha

  3. Ah, man! I'm so jealous. Note to self: Be more zealous about twitter feed. -- Gemma Hooley and Chris Nelson do excellent, excellent work and Hockey Dairies is such wonderful storytelling that my first thought after hearing last year's piece on Laich & Alzner was, "Damn! Wish I'd been in the room when they were taping this!"